From The Book,          The Hastings Memorial                                                          By: William A. Hastings

A Copy in Rhode Island Historical Society  


  The Name Hastings is of an illustrious family history and the race to which it applies is of Danish origin. In the early days of the British kingdom, the Danes made frequent incursions upon the part of England and Scotland bordering upon the North Sea.


   The year around (1066) it was in one of the incursions that Hastings, a Danish Chief, made himself formidable to Alfred the Great, by landing a large body of men upon the coast. He took possession of a portion of Sussex. His family held the castle and seaport, when William the Conqueror landed in England and they held it from the crown for many generations.


   The first of the family who enjoyed the Peerage was Henry Lord Hastings, Son of William De Hastings, Steward of Henry II. They were allied by marriage to the Royal Family of Scotland and England. George the third Lord Hastings, was, in 1529, created Earl of Huntington. Sir Henry and George Hastings, grandsons of the Earl of Hastings had sons who became Puritans, and were obliged by persecution to leave their native land and find homes in the New World. As early as 1634, we find Thomas Hastings and his wife had arrived on the shore. In 1638, John and family had followed, that they were brothers, was in a tradition in the family but, it has not been clearly shown and it is more probable that they were cousins, Thomas being a descendent from a younger brother of the Earl of Huntington.


(A description of the Hastings Coat of Arms follows)


The Motto of the Lord of Hastings

In Veritate Victoria.

In Truth there is Victory


 Thomas Hastings, age 29,and his wife Susana, age 34, embarked at Ipswich, England, April 10, 1634, in the Elizabeth, William Andrews, master for New England, and settled in Watertown, mass. Then known as The Massachusetts Bay Colony, Where he was admitted Freeman, May 6, 1635. He then ”laid down” a lot in Dedham in late 1635, but never lived there, was Selectman from 1638 – 1643 and again from 1650 – 1671, Town Clerk 1671- 1677 & 1680. He then long held the Office of Deacon. His wife Susanna died Feb. 2, 1650. He married again in April 1651 to Margaret Cheney, of Roxbury, Mass. She was the mother of all his eight children. He died in 1685 at the age of 80.


John, Son of Deacon Thomas and Margaret Chaney-Hastings, born April 1 1654 in Watertown, mass. Married June 18,1679 to Abigail Hammond, daughter of Lieutenant John and Abigail Hammond of Watertown, Mass June 21, 1656.


Samuel, son of John and Abigail Hastings, born July 10, 1695 in Watertown, Mass. Baptized with brothers Thomas and Joseph on July 10, 1698 by the Minister of Charleston. Married May 29, 1719 by Thomas tufts, “esquire.”

To Bethia Holloway of Malden, Mass. They had eight children. Samuel was a tailor and settled in Waterton, which is now part of Waltham. He was a Selectman.





                        From the Along The Line magazine, N.Y., N.H. & H.R.R.


The royal family name carried on many years as follows….


March 1928

Benjamin J. Hastings, General Freeman of the Bridge and building and noted inventor, died February 14th,at the residence of his son, Raymond W. Hastings, 3 E. Broadway, Tauton, Mass. He had been in ill health for a number of months and his condition took a serious turn a few days prior to his death. He was in his 60th year. Mr. Hastings was born in Rochester, N. H. November 27, 1868 and educated in the public schools of Rochester. He then learned the trade of shoemaker. Later, he took up bridgework and carpentry. He was an expert machinist and carpenter, and for many years had worked on a device, which he patented, for raising sunken vessels. An overhead telltale device for the protection of railroad employees, patented by Mr. Hastings, is now in use on about forty-nine railroads in the U. S. He also has patents of an arrangement, for the protection of men riding on the side of railroad cars and approaching the point where the clearance is slight. For a period of 29 years, Mr. Hastings was employed on Old Colony division and his abilities recommended him for the position of General Foreman, of the Bridge and Building Department, a position he filled to the satisfaction of his employers as well as those who worked under him. After a few years, he organized the Hastings Signal and Equipment Company and was president of the organization. Besides his wife, he leaves two sons and two daughters, Namely, Raymond W. Hastings, Bridge foreman of the N.Y. N.H.& H. Benjamin B. Hastings of Tauten, Mass. Mrs. Arthur Hackett of Newark, N.Y. and Mrs. Derwood Hays of New Bedford, Mass. Ruby Hastings, wife of Mr. Derwood Hays.


Derwood Hays and Ruby Hays mother and Father of:


Robert Hays


Russell Hays


David Eliot Hays, born June 22, 1926, in New Bedford, Mass. David E. Hays was a World War II veteran in the United States Navy, as a Motor Machinist Mate 3rd Class. His Tour Of Duty was in Pearl Harbor and he was a hero for saving nine of his shipmates in battle, receiving the Purple Heat for a wound he received in his leg from enemy fire, defending his country and fellow seamen. David married Ethel Correia, daughter of Manuel and Lillian Correia of New Bedford, Mass. on November 23, 1950.      

Their children are as follows….         

Deborah Hays-Householder born August 28,1951

                        Erin Murray  - Lissa Murray, Joey Murray, Dillon Murray

                        Elisabeth Householder                                   

                        Paul Householder       

Dawn Hays-Lind born April 12, 1953

                        Rhonda Oglesby

                        Melanie Lind

                        Daniel Lind

                        Allison Taitano

David E. Hays born December 31, 1954 unmarried as of this writing.


Eliot D. Hays born January 24,1961 Married Lori Williams, May 25, 1991

                         Jeremiah D. Williams – son of Lori

                        Staci Lynn Hays

                        Dominic Alan Hays   


The children of Mr. and Mrs. David Eliot Hays were raised by their widowed mother who has stayed faithful to all her children and their children’s children. David E. and Eliot D. were passed down many talents and gifts through their royal bloodlines of Hastings and Hays. David, being musically inclined from both his father and mother, has been a struggling songwriter, composer, musician, vocalist on both Lead and rhythm guitar since the age of ten. He then wrote his first love ballad at the age of 15. He took on many gigs with different bands he formed, starting with his first at age 12 for his 6th, 7th, and 8th grade talent shows in his hometown of Bellflower, Ca. with the help of his mother and stepfather, Eldo F. Stockwell. Mr. Stockwell, inventor of coin slotted bubble gum machine, was a definite gifted and talented man. Who for years, helped create such things as the Batman and Robin and Green Hornet trinkets that were popular in the mid to late 60’s that were worn by children all over the United States. His most favorable creation was his molds for the “ Antique Tear-Drop Globe” coin bubble gum machine. You can still see and purchase this machine around the world. In addition to all the bubble gum and candy machines that are found in all the grocery and department stores. These machines can be identified by an “acorn,” that is on the metal flap of the opening, where the gum or candy is delivered. Now, with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Hays-Stockwell, David’s grandparents, siblings, and a host of close knit friends of the family, David E. Hays AKA “Mystic” Hays, Lead Guitar and vocalist, for his three man rock power group, going by the name of Tocsin (defined as Alarm, warning sound, the sound of a bugle or bell).  David, and his brother Eliot, are now in the mid stages of promoting and working side by side in an attempt to get international airplay and exposure, through radio and the World Wide Web on Frozen Rock Radio and This is the close for now of the story of the royal and victorious family “Coat of Arms” of Hasting and Hays, which shall multiply and prosper in life and wealth for many generations.